Monday, 29 June 2009

Fret Turns Into (Nightin)Gale.

Had decided to head off to Newbiggin Beach with the kids this morning before bumping into ADMc on his daily bike round at Bothal. Impatient children brought an interesting conversation to an end too quickly. As we neared Newbiggin it was obvious that there was a sea fret and any thoughts I'd had about playing about with the camera were superfluous. A few terns fed on the high tide quite close to shore but as you can see the poor conditions resulted in poor image quality.
Sandwich Tern, Newbiggin.
Common Tern, Newbiggin.

One of the topics of conversation was the Nightingale at Howlett Hall. Amused by my encounter with the bullock, ADMc asked if I'd been back. I said not, mainly because I hadn't had time available at what I'd considered to be the right times of day. He commented that it had still been singing mid day, contrary to my thoughts. With this in mind I took my chances as soon as my wife came home from hospital today and headed back for another go. I arrived to find three birders, all local but none I knew. When I asked if it had been showing the immortal words "It was singing about four minutes ago......" I contented myself whilst waiting watching Common Redstarts flicking from side to side across the track, Garden Warbler too. Common Whitethroat and Yellowhammer the other avian residents. The Nightingale sparked up briefly for about 30 seconds at 12:04 but failed to sustain it's efforts. It wasn't till 14:00 that it started singing again from a lone Hawthorn, despite my best efforts it remained hidden from view, it's unmistakable song sporadically belting out loud & clear. A selection of other images taken whilst I was waiting amid clouds of pollen.

Silver Y

Meadow Brown.

Chimney Sweeper.

Garden Warbler, male.

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