Sunday, 21 June 2009

Early Exposure.

Trying to fit in a trip out around family and hospital visits, I left the bed at 5.ooam. Not much to show for four hours out,a female Stonechat was confiding on fence posts near Cresswell Pond. I managed to pick up the attentions of the security at Alcan who left me a note threatening to call the Police if I didn't report to the gatehouse (I'd wandered off looking for warblers).

Common Stonechat, female, Cresswell Pond.

I walked into the meadow at Woodhorn Church on the way to Castle Island, but without a decent lens getting close to the Sedge Warbler, Common Whitethroat & Reed Bunting was a challenge. The male Reed Bunting below the best I managed here.

Male Reed Bunting Woodhorn.

Next stop was Spital Burn to the south of Newbiggin but again most of the small birds were out or range although a Song Thrush helpfully posed on a fencepost for a short time giving me probably my best shot of the day.

Song Thrush Spital Burn, Newbiggin.

Speedwell on the Wansbeck Estuary

I didn't find the note till I got to Castle Island, so perhaps I'll take up their invitation another day. Managed to get some shots of a family of Fox at a site along the Wansbeck.
Later my only tick of the day was one for the Homo Sapiens List in the form of an ageing Dee Mckeown. He and fellow birder Steve Holliday didn't see me, they were far too intent on staring into a Hawthorn (knowing my luck it will have been a Marsh Warbler). I wasn't able to stop as I was on a strict timetable.

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