Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Another Old Haunt.

Another warm morning so I headed back to another old haunt the north bank of the Sleekburn near where I used to live at East Sleekburn. The land is owned by whichever power company owns the old Power Station site and used to be grazed, predominantly by horses this kept the sward short and there was always a profusion of wildflowers and butterflies in Spring/Summer. Sadly since the power station closed the grazing has stopped and the grasses have taken over, only on old tarmac and the pathways do the wildflowers manage to get a showing now in the summer months. Still smaller numbers of butterfly to find though. I managed another three-four Ringlet along the scrubby field edge as I walked down.

Common Whitethroats were numerous with perhaps four-five singing males and at least one family party.

The weeded over tarmac above was covered in Bird's Foot Trefoil and I picked up my first Common Blue of the day. I counted six or seven males in an area 300m x100m as I walked. Superbly powder blue upperwings then it closes it's wings and you get that spectacular underwing patterning that has fantastic detail.

Common Blue, East Sleekburn.

Scarlet Pimpernel & Tall Melilot, East Sleekburn.

There is an interesting variety of wildflowers kicking around the site, none of them particularly rare but fun to identify and practice with the camera on.

Biting Stonecrop, East Sleekburn.

What I was most pleased about was the Moths, again a novice when it comes to Moths and struggling with identification due to sheer volume of species I picked up two new species for me and managed to quickly identify them when I got home. On the downside I've got several more from the last couple of days unidentified so I'm planning a Mystery Moth Monday Post so you can all help me out.

Clouded Border, East Sleekburn.

Yellow Shell, East Sleekburn.

After failing miserably last week to get even a half decent record shot of female Reed Bunting I managed to get this today, as this lady checked me out from a distance. Roll on big lens.

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