Saturday, 6 June 2009

And This Is?

I'm setting up the new tent in the back garden for Joel and cousin to have a night under canvas and whilst I'm crawling around on my hands & knees I come face to face with this little purple beauty.
Only problem, not a clue whether I'm about to become an SSSI or it's common as muck. Early purple? Northern Marsh?
I have tried one of the online resources but quite frankly whether this has or hasnt a broad spur and a three lobed split flower is jargon to far. Help please.


Anonymous said...


It is a Northern Marsh Orchid, or it will be when it is fully open.



wallsend birder said...

The latin name being Dactylorhiza purpurea, D.foliosa syn. D.maderensis,Orchis maderensis. Deciduous,terrestrial orchid. Flowering all over at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Handy pic, that - Southern Marsh Orchid is flowering on the marshes around me at present and I wondered what the Northern sort looked like.