Thursday, 14 May 2009

There But For The Grace of God

We've all done it, pulled a sickie to go birding or bent the route of a business trip to take in a rarity. I'll own up I used to fly out to Hong Kong two days earlier than I had to on the pretense of overcoming jet lag. Jet lag my arse, the minute my luggage was in the hotel, the bins would be out and I'd be on the Star Ferry looking forward to a weekend of Black Kites and free birding.
How many of you (from the North East) haven't pulled off at Saltholme or Fairburn whilst on a business journey? Christ I drove home from Cheshire via Wales once trying to tick Chough.
I suppose that's why I haven't been the least bit surprised by the MP's so called 'expenses scandal' that the media are pushing at us in the latest ratings/paper sales war. People do things that suits them, they bend the rules, shave a little off here and there etc. Now I am not condoning it, it's wrong but I'm not casting any stones that's all I'm saying.
News that one of the big players in the furore Elliot Morley is a birder came as no surprise. I wonder how many on his life list were paid for by public money. Whilst I abhor witch hunts it would be amusing if someone found a picture of him twitching Black Lark or Glaucous-winged Gull when he was meant to be in the House. I think I'd understand the motivation behind the non existent mortgage claims a little better too, wouldn't you?

Edit at 16:48, He has now been suspended, although the suggestion is that it's only until next week. He's been looking at the weather charts for the weekend hasn't he and decided the only way to get out after the megas that we're all expecting is to get himself a pass out.

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