Saturday, 9 May 2009

Shiver Me Timbers

Like Stewart I decided to catch up with the Lesser Whitethroat that's been singing just over the hedge for over a week. The cover along the North edge of our estate has thickened considerably and is impenetrable in places, perfect for LW but not for the observer.
After twenty minutes I thought I was out of luck as apart from some brief clicking and churring I'd had not a sniff. Just as I was about to jump back over into the garden a small bird flew over my head into the tall willows beside the house and began to sing it's heart out, end of frustration. Normally difficult this little star sat wing quivering and shivering as it sang for a good two minutes before dropping into the cover alongside my garden and finally zipping up into one of my garden trees albeit a branch hanging outside the garden, cheeky little blighter.
Great views were compensation for not being able to add it to either my 'garden' list or my 'seen from the house' list. I've a nine thirty kipper collection at Craster in the morning so a wander around somewhere up there is in order.

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abbey meadows said...

The Lesser whitethroat I saw was beside the roundabout so probably a different bird. Good views on the ground as it kept low out of the wind....probably the most perfect warbler we have.