Sunday, 10 May 2009

Random Stuff on Birds I Havent Seen Today.

There was a Turtle Dove at Newbiggin late afternoon, found by SMc and JGS who were good enough to ring me at home. I need Turtle Dove for my Newbiggin list, one more to catch back on the dynamic duo.
I was at work, Ash took the message and passed it on four hours later. Now occasionally these days we get calls for lets say an Iceland Gull somewhere. Great that people are bothering to let me know for Bird North East but I don't need to have that passed on immediately without passing go and without collecting two hundred quid.
So how do you get a non birding partner to be selective and get the right messages to you at the right time?
The only solution I can come up with to avoid the blanket approach is to produce a list to stick to the fridge, if it's on the list then ring me. Any other suggestions gratefully received in the comments please.
Julian Bell is speculating about one of his Jackdaws over at his garden blog here. Can't make too much out from the one image posted but there must be something in it as it's not like he doesn't know a thing or two and he's surrounded by monedula.
Best photo of the day must go to young Andrew Kinghorn for his Temminck's Stint shot on birdforum, personally I'm not convinced it isn't a discarded can of Stella Artois but then what do I know?


Jules said...

Two comments. One: the jackdaw looked to have a full collar - unlike the birds that turned up in earlier in the spring at the "normal" time for them. Jackdaw is only a passage migrant in Øygarden. May is rather late for this species to be on the move so I put apparent collar + unusual timing together to get a bird from a more northern / eastern population.

Second - don't let the name Øygarden let you think it is a garden blog - although fair enough some of the birds I see are in fact in gardens. And I have (in a Norwegian context) a respectable 155 on my garden list. Thats where the garden connotations end.

Øygarden is the equivalent of Alnwick district or Morpeth district.

Alan Tilmouth said...

My presumption that Monedula breed nearby was obviously incorrect, how far west do they come?
Typo meant to type the whole word but probably meandered off looking for that funny character you use.