Thursday, 28 May 2009

On The Cusp

Of major change, business about to be sold in four days, so far I have a part time job for four hours on a Sunday afternoon to go to, scary.
From a birding perspective all this means I'm much closer to securing some decent photo kit with which I aim to enhance this blog with a myriad of magical images (in my dreams). After much research and reading and balancing of budgets I'm erring toward a Canon 40D body and 100-400 AF IS lens, with possibly a smaller wide angle lens for some of those big skies we get up here.
Not having had any experience with DSLR it's going to be a steep learning curve although I'm hoping to get the benefit of some of your experiences, I intend to try and 'tag along' with some of you if I can in the coming months to pick over your talent. With that in mind I spoke to superb local photographer Lee Frost this morning and he's agreed to give me a few hours of his time initially to talk about the camera and post processing etc. Check his website out cos he's a bit good.


Clare said...

Hi Alan,

Good luck with all the changes. My 100-400 just arrived yesterday and I'm afraid I can't offer you much by way of feedback, having only shot one image so far.

As far as bodies go I've been hearing good things about the 5D Mark II.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Hi Clare,

5D beyond my budget I'm afraid.

I look forward to sharing experiences with you.

Northumbrian Birding said...

4 hour part-time job , what will you do with all that time ???? of course you realise all those birds you had crippling views of in the past will disappear as soon as the camera comes out, you have been warned,

Alan Tilmouth said...

Brian, I may well become the North's leading foliage photographer!

Birding about Northumberland said...

Good luck with your camera, I'm getting my new binoculars scope and large lens for Mike's Olympus E510 on Saturday, i'm just using it to point and shoot so can be of no help, but no doubt you'll have loads of fun 'faffing about'well thats what I say about Mike when he is changing settings and stuff, to complicated for me

The Watcher said...

I have recently purchased a 80-400mm lens with a Nikon D300 camera. My advise is to read and read again the instruction book.