Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Look Left

As I thought birding opportunities during this my (hopefully final) eleven day stint at work have been few and far between. So my best birds of the week list is a little light on content.

1. Two Red-legged Partridge made an abortive attempt to cross the road in front of me last night just south of Ulgham village, got halfway and did that Pheasant panic thing of running back whence they came.

2. Seven Sandwich Tern feeding on the incoming tide of the Aln Estuary whilst I stole ten minutes fresh air yesterday.

3. One loudly chirping, strangely reminiscent of childhood House Sparrow, that is half of the first ever nesting pair we have had since our house was built twelve years ago.

4. The ever increasing white splatters of guano on the pavement opposite from the Starlings nesting in the eaves of the building that holds Julie's (who found the Turtle Dove that gripped Stewart) shop. It could be bird art.


The Watcher said...

This is one funny and clever blog. I wish I had your writing skills. Well Done.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Thanks, pleased your enjoying it.