Friday, 8 May 2009

Let's Talk About the Weather

That's because apart from the distant year tick Common Swift that was charging North toward Pegswood this morning I've not seen much in the way of birds this week. I took the kids to Scotch Gill again and tried digibinning a Dipper, the results were, artistic in the same way as an ice cream smudge on a black t-shirt is.
It's the West wind that's the ill wind when you live on the East Coast, I can't think of anything positive about Westerlies. No seabirds as there all somewhere ten miles out, any that do wander near are hidden amidst an ocean of wispy white topped surf. Passerines are all staying low to avoid being blown about, the wind even blots out birdsong when your nearing deafness like me.
But, there's always a but and it's important to end this short post on a sweet note of optimism, the winds of change (pun intended) are all set to whip up on Sunday and swing round to.......the East. The sea will be filled with seabirds as the winds strengthen Monday/Tuesday and begin to get a North Easterly edge to them. Arctic & Bonxie passage will be instantaneous, along with a significant increase in Manx Shearwater numbers. Not too early for a Balearic either.
We may even get some migrants, a Holy Island Bluethroat would be my bet and perhaps one or two more Wryneck. Early May can produce some really good rarities, I still think the grassland surrounding the new Ashwood Business Park at Ashington must be a big visible draw to any overflying Larks & Pipits, my plan is to let the twins spread out and run in a line south to north to flush any lurking Short-toed's or Richards before bundling them into the boot to hide the evidence.

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Good plan - hope it works!