Sunday, 31 May 2009


For all the reasons I've previously explained birding has been at an absolute minimum for the past few days, once again I have little to offer except snatched sightings; a Great Spotted Woodpecker over the A1068, House Martins at the nest whilst talking to my solicitor. A Common Buzzard soaring but low over the big field between Linton roundabout and Old Ellington Tip tonight. My well grown Willow has become songpost of choice with Willow Warbler and Song Thrush taking it in turns.
I've done my last shift today, tomorrow all that's left is to count the stock and complete the sale, I'm in touching distance of that Canon.
Other purchases that are on the horizon are a decent two man tent with which I hope to take my six year old on a bit of rough camping and possibly a moth trap if I've enough left over.
I'm heading to Jessops, probably Friday, to check out the camera and lens and test my powers of negotiation, wish me luck.


Stewart said...

Good Luck!

Birding about Northumberland said...

God luck, I'm still waiting for mine and a big lens as Mike is undecided and he's the camera man. I have at last some cracking binoculars,Opticrom 8x42 and guess what they don't give me double vision YIPEE.

Blyth Birder said...

Wouldn't touch Jessops with a barge pole - rip off merchants.