Friday, 8 May 2009


Birds can be like buses. Let me explain a few things about my weekly routine first.
I drive to work. I mostly use the same route, particularly the section of A1068 North from Widdrington to Amble. I drive this route a minimum of eight times per week, sometimes ten.
Occasionally I stop and look for birds. Sometimes I stop somewhere and look for a specific bird that I have heard may be around. Sometimes I actually see some birds, it doesn't happen often.
I stopped tonight at East Chevington and was lucky enough to watch a female Marsh Harrier hunting over the edge of the South Pool. I returned to the road home twelve minutes after leaving it, satisfied with my year tick and good views considering I was without a scope.
Two minutes later I noticed a large raptor East of the road. I stopped. I was flabbergasted, a second Marsh Harrier this time a male flying inland at Chibburn Farm, it crossed the road harassed by a Carrion Crow about 30m behind the car offering superb views in the early evening light. As I watched the 518 North went past, shortly after the 518 south came into view. Buses you wait ages for one and two come along together.

image courtesy & copyright Mark Kilner

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