Monday, 18 May 2009

Back To Reality

After Saturday's smorgasbord of migrants today was back to earth with a thump. A list of jobs as long as my arm none of them including birds. I've set the kids the task of identifying the large gull in the Balamory credits whilst I sneak this post in. Just finished a new feature which will hopefully prove popular over at Bird North East called Further Reading, which will highlight some of the more interesting bird stuff I come across.
A short walk through Carlisle Park waiting for the bank to open, single Grey Wagtail and the Goosander pair on the river. A Robin with nesting material, second brood? The highlight a partially leucistic male Blackbird near the childrens park, one pure white tail feather, a couple of white tipped tertials and some white around the face that created a supercilium over the left eye. Very smart, must try and grab a picture at some point, very similar to that bird up at Crail, well, almost.

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