Thursday, 14 May 2009


If you have been a birder for a while you will have come across Lee Evans. I won't regurgitate what others think or say about him suffice to say he is one of birdings eccentrics and divides opinion. I have met him, or at least been in the same general area as him twice, including one memorable episode on a boat in the South West Approaches in the Atlantic on which a potential Albatross caused a near mutiny but we'll leave that story for another day.
I like a verse occasionally, dig back in the archive and you'll find my "Ode to Lost Friends" as an example, so this had me amused and humming this afternoon and I thought it good enough to share.


Blyth Birder said...

An Ornotholigical Consultant no less?

The blokes off his tits isn't he?

Newton Stringer said...

I think I was on that boat too !!