Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Outcast 2 -Someone Else Loves Me

Ian Fisher emailed me again after my blog post on the Ring-necked x Tufted hybrid and sent the image above which is of a superior quality to my own dodgyscoped shots. He also made the following comments in respect of this particular individual:
"I spent about an hour watching it the other day. It is superficially similar to a RND, but in good light the following points are not good for RND.

1. The green sheen on its head. I have seen this colour on TD, but not usually all the time. I've never seen it on RND.
2. The tuft - totally wrong for RND!
3. Flank colour - probably not dark enough for RND (from memory) and possibly not extensive enough. The Hauxley birds flanks appeared patchy to me, esp. at the rear edge, I think it showed too much white in this area.
4 Bill pattern - the black tip is not extensive enough, it is more wedge shaped (i.e. TD-like) on the Hauxley bird, whereas pics I've seen of RND has a straight rear edge to the black. Similarly the white band next to the tip is not clear-cut enough (and possibly too broad?).
5. Head shape - wrong for RND!"

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