Wednesday, 8 April 2009

'Nordic' Jackdaw.

On my way out for a quick walk with kids around QE2 late afternoon and I came across what I think is probably the same individual that I saw 500m west of here a couple of weeks back. I managed the terrible shot above as I didn't have the full dodgyscoping kit in the car. If you enlarge it you can clearly see some of the characteristics of nominate monedula the pale grey head side and nape, notable pale collar line and slightly paler grey upper breast.
This individual does not appear to be migrating and appears to be paired up with a spermologus as they were feeding alone and flew up into a nearby tree a few moments after I took this shot.
This was at the West end of Ashington outside the Funeral Parlour if anyone else wants to take a look.
Oh and two Great Crested Grebe, 12 Goldeneye at QE2 with 28 Shelduck in Crane Field to NW and a Common Coot doing an aggression display (standing up neck stretched to look very tall)out of water to a Mute Swan was an unusual sight.

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