Saturday, 18 April 2009

Chance Encounters

After all that's what birding is all about. I forgot to mention I dropped in to East Chevington last night on the off chance of a Marsh Harrier. Loads of Hirundines, all Swallow and Sand Martin though, couldn't find a House Martin amongst about 1-120 on the North Pool.
I did pick up a couple of additions to the Homo Sapiens List, first was Alan Thompson although his Black Lab got there before him. He unnerved me when he said 'you've got one of them blogs',
'oh dear what have I said' was the immediate thought. It's a strange feeling meeting people who know all about your birding and other snippets from your life despite them being strangers to you. I hope I've got Alan Thompsons eyesight when I reach his age, I had been watching a Common Buzzard about 1m South and he almost immediately picked up a second with the naked eye.
I didn't catch the name of my second encounter, so he is currently listed as Birder (Sp), any help on ID gratefully received. He had a Scottish accent from Felton, very pleased with three Brambling in his garden feeding station over the last couple of days and so he should be they are good tick for any garden.


abbey meadows said...

Morpeth was the place to be for MH and HM.

Anonymous said...

I only know him by Dave- a mate of Mark Winter

Alan Tilmouth said...

Cheers Andy.