Saturday, 21 March 2009

A White Flap.

Now that we know the season has changed the sense of anticipation every time you're birding lifts a notch or two. It's so easy in the urgency to make the most of every available minute and bird to have a few 'moments'.
Take lunchtime, working all day, watching out the window as the world goes by enjoying the sunshine I finally found a few minutes spare around 1.30pm when traditionally everything goes quiet.
I haven't really got any 'habitat' at work other than a few ancient rooftops and some sky but I thought if the Urban Birder can try and viz mig from a balcony in central London then I can have a go here.
Not expecting to see anything I wandered out the door with a cup of tea, just happy to feel some daylight. A few stationary Jackdaws and a Great Black Backed Gull riding an updraft were about as good as it got. Till I heard the wagtail, now I've a track record with wagtails in Alnmouth after finding a juvenile Citrine Wagtail in 2005 whilst skiving listening to the football in the car.
Calling again I knew it was Pied, but then I caught sight of it on a TV aerial across the road and it's got a grey back with a clearly delineated hood but the angle is shocking. Can I see whether the black from the nape and the bib meet, can I hell. The car is right outside, the keys are inside and now there's a couple heading straight for the shop door. I dash inside and pocket the keys, wait impatiently as they choose their chocolate, I could have told them they were going for Wispas had they asked, and took their money.
Back outside and yank the bins which with strap hooked around booster seat means I get a booster seat jerked across the driver's side into my knuckles as I struggle to unhook them one handed trying to check if Willy is still wagging on the aerial.
Recovering my composure I fix on the Pied Wagtail rather than the hoped for White Wagtail and another seasonal moment has passed.

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