Friday, 6 March 2009

Stock & Stockier.

One hour four minutes that was my birding time today. The kipper collection from Craster allowed me to spend some time in a couple of locations on the way. I checked out Cullernose Point for large black corvids of which there were none, a few Fulmar pairs were sat on the ledges. I did however manage a first for the year in the shape of a Peacock butterfly on the grassy slope adjacent to the footpath.Three Common Buzzard noted between Howick and Craster.
I parked up near Dunstan Steads at a point that overlooks Dunstanburgh to the North and Craster to the South. A pleasant enough day but little birdwise, a Common Shelduck moved North offshore and two Mistle Thrush patrolled a nearby field.

On the return journey I picked up a long overdue year tick when two Stock Dove landed in a field North of Longhoughton.

Tonight there was just enough light to squeeze in a visit to a regular Little Owl site on my route home. I like Little Owls they have the stature of Nobby Stiles and look at you like the late Nora Batty, fierce. This was my third visit to this site this year the first two drawing a blank but tonight in fading light I was in the right place at the right time. Two, I assume a Nobby & Nora, one perched atop a telegraph pole the other a few feet away on the peak of a nearby barn. They didn't stay long, both moved off into nearby fields a few seconds after I arrived.
another borrowed image this time from here
As the light improves I'll go back and hopefully get some pictures now I know their still around.

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