Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Let me say it loud and clear, I know it's being said by others and who would have thought we'd all be fed up hearing about Spring by the 18th March but for me my personal small titchy bit of Spring started today about 11.30.
Out for an hour with twins in tow doing their very best to scare, chase and scream at anything that moves in Scotch Gill Woods west of Morpeth. I'd had a pair of Treecreeper and a pair of Nuthatch and an overhead Sparrowhawk that was getting seven bells knocked out of it by a couple of Crows.
I was originally heading further up to Garden House to look for Kingfisher but I saw the newish footpath and turned back thinking this might be easier for Hansel & Gretel (oh there are times I could quite happily hand them over to a local witch).
Anyway my point being it was a little quiet, I even started taking pictures of plants and the odd butterfly that was happily feeding on Lesser Celandine. A male Comma my third species this year, if this goes on I'm going to end up with a Butterfly list aren't I? I think the flower is Wood Anemone.

Heading back we had a Grey Wagtail doing what it says on the tin along the riverbank. Then at first just a snatch, a little scratchy as if it were clearing a dry throat a ChiffChaff that was soon belting out it's repetitive welcome to the season, that's Spring in case you missed it in the title, I promise I won't say it again.


Stewart said...

Oh no, the naturalist disease hasn't spread to you, has it? Before long you'll be prowing around shops and street lights looking for moths...

Alan Tilmouth said...

I had to read that twice as I somehow connected prowling under street lights with naturism:)

Blyth Birder said...

New arrivals or over-winterers, who knows?