Friday, 6 March 2009

RSPB - Need To Be Smarter

The RSPB do huge amounts of good work and their media communication is normally of an extremely high standard but just occasionally they need to be a little smarter. Today's press release is one example of that, releasing news about the various 'nestcams' they will be operating during the coming breeding season. Catchy title (007 technology gives a view to a thrill) but then they give their critics huge ammunition by focusing completely on raptors, "Nest-cams’ are being trained on goshawk, hen harrier, peregrine falcon and osprey nests to name just a few, so that millions of people can watch them when the breeding season gets underway in a few weeks time."
This despite the fact they also have webcams on Black Grouse, Chough, Grey Heron and Kittiwake. Why give people the excuse to suggest that they are focusing too heavily on raptors when they could have provided a press release that was at least balanced or weighted toward the non raptors to negate the likely anti raptor, anti-RSPB comments by the 'anti raptor lobby'. Don't provide ammunition to your detractors let them do their own legwork.

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Suffolkmark said...

You're right. I am very pro-RSPB on most things, but this raptormania is a gift to all those shooting and farming types I know, who are adamant the RSPB is too hung up on birds of prey.
Another example is the ill-advised and historically dubious PR stunt that is the proposed "re-introduction" of sea eagles to Norfolk. It's probably more about the Anglian Water involvement and the headlines.