Monday, 9 March 2009

Request - Tags & Searching

Can you tell I'm not birding today, housebound with kids asleep, multi tasking between lunch and blogging.
Related to the birdmap post a few minutes ago, one of the things Google's blogger isn't good at is searching profiles, e.g you can't search across multiple settings such as UK and Birding. I often try and search for new bird bloggers by clicking on the 'Birding' tag in the Interests section of my profile. It amazes me though how many bird bloggers have not listed even the basic 'Birding' in the Interests section.
In order to improve the 'searchability' can I suggest that we create some basic terms to add and circulate them I've suggested a few below, this would help bird bloggers to find other bird bloggers with similar interests here in the UK.
So if we all include the tag 'Birding UK' in our interests we will all be able to find each other by clicking on that tag in our own profile, others might be :

Birding Worldwide
Local Patch Birding UK
Self Found Birding UK
Sea Watching UK
Twitching - UK
Raptors UK

etc etc

So first item on UK Bird Bloggers Conference - Tagging & Searching Standardisation of Interest Terms.


Mr Stiths said...

good idea, i'll do that...

Tony Morris said...

Yup, I'm in favour of that.