Tuesday, 10 March 2009

On the Beach in the Middle of the Med(s)

Last two days have been almost bird free. Prior to our little trip today best bird was a toss up between the celebrity Goosander on the Wansbeck which we glanced at as we crossed the bridge on the home leg of school run yesterday or the Jay that flew ahead of us a little at Whorral Bank this morning on today's outward school run.

I say celebrity because the threesome are getting more viewing's than a Paris Hilton home movie these days turning up on blogs and forum posts all over. I find it a little strange that everyone is getting excited over the close views, they or others like them have been loafing around the Wansbeck early spring for a few years if memory serves.

No doubt they will have their own mini series on Birdforum TV or a special souvenir DVD at Birdguides soon.

With bright sunshine confusing me a little today as the icon on my BBC homepage has been predicting heavy rain on Tuesday for what seems an eternity I thought we'd best make the most of it and have an n hour on the beach.

I took the video camera so that my working wife could see what the little treasures have been up to but I've just reviewed the footage on getting home and bizarrely every time I tried to video them there's a pair of adult Med Gull kept getting in on the footage. With at least four this morning, you couldn't miss out. There were probably more as there have been up to ten as local readers will know but to be honest I only had bins and if I took my eyes off the kids for more than ten seconds they were nose rubbing a Husky or heading to Holland on foot.

Anyway here's a videograb of two adults that began to display till the kids chased them.


Big Yin said...

Ah the pleasures of the tiny terrors. I recall finding a Surf Scoter in Druridge Bay while lounging on the beach with the kids! August '99 in case your wondering.

admc said...

The f Goosander with "angel wing" has been at Oldgate bridge now for several years.This winter another f has turned up and at this time of year a m Goosander also appears.In 2007 the f "angel wing" reared 2 young.