Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Lost Hour Blogfest Competition

I must have too much time on my hands. I spend much of my downtime at work trawling around the net reading bird blogs and checking out other sites. I cast my eyes enviously at some of the events that take place over in the US where the number of birders and bird bloggers is proportionately higher than this side of the pond. How many of you have seen this I and the Bird series they have running that started on the excellent 10000 birds site and is still a great advert for bird bloggers across the world?

Thinking about some of the excellent material I read from some of our very own homegrown bloggers on all things natural I thought I would venture into the world of community creation via a little competition, so I have created (fanfare) The Lost Hour Blogfest Competition.

Let me explain, all you have to do is go and lose an hour on April 11th or 12th, birding or mothing or checking out new equipment or whatever else turns you on in the way of nature. Get home and blog about it on your own blog. Send me a link to the post at .

I will list all the links on a post as soon after the weekend as I can. Then you can check out everyone else's lost hours and send another email voting for your top three 'Lost Hour Posts'

I'll tot up the votes and announce the top three who will all win bird related prizes. Don't get too excited it might be a doodle signed by the world's worst bird artist (me) or a Creme Egg or some other distant obscure item linked to nature. Hopefully more important it will get you some extra exposure and create a little old fashioned camaraderie amongst us. If it works then I'll do it again or even let the winner host the next one.

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mosstrooper said...

Always liked the idea of the big sit, that the yanks support.
Park ya backside in one spot and record what you see hear, in a set period. Good to see this idea, hope some get out and give it a go.