Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Kiddy Twitch!

It probably happens to every generation, you reach a point where you look around the bird club gathering or the line up of ugly mugs at the latest scarcity to be attracting attention and wonder where the next generation of birders is coming from.
To be honest up here in Northumberland at the moment there seems to be several young birders coming through and not only birding but really integrating the technology as well, photography, blogging etc. Check out any of these three as prime examples, here, here and here.

You can never have enough though that's why I was over the moon when a discussion I had been having with a top education professional resulted in this post over at his blog. It's nice to see that my sometimes quirky views might have some sound science behind them for once.

Even better is that my six year old's school in Morpeth are running a once a week After School Ornithologist Award for six weeks. He already has his own bins and can recognise a few common birds so we have him signed up and he's raring to go. I intend to gift them twenty or thirty old copies of Bird Watching that have been boxed and garaged for half a life (I'm a hoarder).

Back to the garden..... (singing Skylark and the occasional Siskin is all I'm managing today)

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Holywell Birder said...

This is the much needed encouragement kids need these days, schools should be intergrating the natural world to a higher level, and now with your disscussion they have the skills which it develops, thanks cain