Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ive Got a Stone to Pick With You.

I see that Newton Stringer is up to his Stringy misidentifying tricks again, just plod over to that excuse for a blog and check out the picture in this post.
I could excuse him if he was a dude or a casual but he just has no excuses working for a leading Ornithological organisation.
I've added the picture taken today at Howick Haven just for him. You see my picture is of ROCKS not stones or boulders. Come on Stringer we're not going to accept you passing off a few stones and some boulders as proper Rocks are we?
Now he is probably going to try and deflect the criticism by changing the subject and suggesting that I had very little bird wise this morning and I'm simply having a pop at his blatant attempt to con us to take attention away from the lack of any substantial heavyweight migrant action on my blog.
Nothing could be further from the truth, rather than run around trying to chase rarities we were concentrating on enjoying the right migrant at it's chosen moment. It's the Chiffchaff's time right now and we wanted to make the most of the singing migrant in the woods at Silver Sands. We weren't desperately searching every available inch of turf for Wheatear's, no sir, they can wait for their own special time. Not for a minute did Black Redstart even enter my head as we clambered around the rocks near the Bathing House, we were just happy taking scenic ROCK shots.
We made the most of the common birds on offer such as Red Breasted Merganser & Common Goldeneye. We enjoyed the duelling Common Redshank and Oystercatcher. Counting the twenty one Carrion Crows gathered around the ROCKS was excellent practice for when we finally see a coastal Raven.
We even had a year tick in the shape of a few distant but real Northern Gannets passing back & forth offshore.
So just own up Stringer, admit it either you were STONE-d when you wrote the post or you got it wrong, what's it gonna be?

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