Monday, 16 March 2009

Homo Sapiens

The ultra observant will note a new list in the side bar my Homo Sapiens 2009 List, if I see you in the field whilst birding your on the list. If you want to be added on the list and we haven't met then your going to have to ID yourself as you all look alike to me.


Crammy Birder said...

Crammy Birder- ID
Latin Name - Philipus Gigantis
Easily Identifiable, 6’6 tall creature with curly mop of hair, (often covered by a hat in winter months) and dodgy facial hair.
Mostly silent but makes occasional mumbling sounds, often migrates during late July/ early August.
An omnivore likely to be feeding near a Greggs and can be seen amongst a flock of other birders, in the open or in a hide anywhere in Northumberland but can also be seen on his own around the cramlington area at any time of the year.

Alan Tilmouth said...

6'6 no wonder your a birder your up there with them!