Monday, 30 March 2009


I think I must have upset the entire population of Northern Wheatear they seem intent on avoiding me at the moment. I know they are about, to the south, the north and even on my home patch at Pegswood Moor. Can I find one? The moment I appear they seem to vanish and it's not paranoia I swear I saw a little white arse disappearing down a rabbit hole at East Chevington this morning, what else could it be? I had to make do with adding a couple of thousand of these to my year list.

Image courtesy & copyright Omar Runolfsson
Except mine looked more like this.
Image courtesy & copyright Steve Fernie
Vast rafts are visible to the North & South of Coquet Island at this time of year as Atlantic Puffins return to breed. It's the Puffin equivalent of speed dating with birds moving to & fro from the island to the sea nearby and back.
Several Common Shelduck and a Canada Goose were clearly visible on the island this morning as well.


Big Yin said...

Snab Point should be tipping with the little white-arse jobs. Have you tried turning your binoculars round the other way?;-)

Alan Tilmouth said...

Should be, probably is, except when I'm anywhere nearby.
Where's the challenging ID in that?

mosstrooper said...

Certainly not the norm for my patch, House Martin, Gargeney ,before Wheatear or Sand martin, is definately out of order here at St Marys.

Still waiting for a Sarnie Tern or Sand Martin down here.