Thursday, 26 March 2009

Birds from a Non Birding Day

If I told you that this morning was taken up with Black Grouse, Red Kite and Golden Plover and this afternoon I sampled the delights of Water Pipit, littoralis Rock Pipit, Pied and White Wagtail as well as soemmerringii Jackdaw and finished the day with a singing male Black faced Bunting, you would perhaps think I was beginning to get a little fictional.
Well all of the above have formed part of my 'working' day today, the first three as part of a new range of local beers I ordered this morning which will be delivered tomorrow.
This afternoon's list was where I chose to dip into BWPi after a marathon two and a half hour installation session on my external hard drive. I plan to review this product on the Bird North East blog in the coming days.
So no birding for me today...

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