Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Big Fish, Little Pond.

I dislike clever shits. You know the ones that are all 'I told you so' when something happens that they have had the luck to suggest in advance, usually something a blind man on a galloping horse could predict. So I wasn't going to draw attention to my suggestion on Bird North East last week that various white winged gulls could be heading our way and that particular prediction materialising in County Cork a few days later (Ivory Gull if you got your head in the sand).
I mean OK it's about 750 miles further west than I suggested but relatively speaking County Cork's not that far from Newbiggin. This distance is as a result of the weather systems weakening so it's the weather forecasters that were wrong not me (cough).I was just going to let all the observant readers out there, both of them, note that 'yeah that Dusty Bins he knows what he's talking bout'.
Then some local over there who's obviously had one too many Guinness starts querying it and claiming it's a totally different bird to the French one. Fairly obvious that he's just trying to get some extra brownies by finding a 'different' Ivory Gull.
Two hours later when he'd sobered up he has had to apologise to the French for being a little over zealous as it now appears it was the French bird after all and those rumours about it's disappearance being linked with a french casserole were all unfounded.
That'll teach him to keep schtum in future. You know sometimes when your a big fish in a little pond and you try jumping into a big pond it just doesn't work, you end up out of your depth. This will be his claim to fame now when he disappears back into obscurity, mark my words you'll never hear of Killian Mullarney again, not that you had anyway had you?

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