Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Am I the Noel Edmonds of Birding?

No funnily enough I didn't mean a bearded twat in a tank top which was probably your first thought right? I was referring to his much publicised belief in cosmic ordering. By the way if you choose to browse the links don't bother trying to place wishes for anything good this Spring especially not a singing male Subalpine Warbler as I have got there first and the cosmos works on a first come first served basis, form an orderly queue.

How else can you explain my amazing powers of calling in the birds I need for my list. Yesterday I wrote a short piece on Northern Wheatears, this morning due to the magnificence of Advanced Cosmic Ordering not one but two Northern Wheatears were sent to be watched, noted and listed. Both males the first a classic 'on the stone wall' at Cresswell Pond, the second associating with Buntings (Yellowhammer & Reed) in stubble at Bilton Dunes.

Don't let the fact it's warm and sunny and the end of March and therefore the traditional time for Wheatears fool you into thinking they arrived under their own steam whilst migrating north, oh no, these Wheatears were here because I called the Universe Order Hotline and I can speak it's language.
48 Golden Plover in fields just west of Pegswood last night were a surprise and not part of my cosmic order, no doubt they were en route.

I'm not quite sure how the latest addition to my Homo Sapiens List fits into the cosmic scheme but a surprisingly well dressed Trevor Blake NTBC's field trip organiser extraordinaire parked at the entrance to Druridge about seven thirty was a welcome Spring tick.

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