Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Think, Write, Yawn.

I've spent the last couple of days thinking, particularly about Bird North East and where I want to go with it. The traffic has gone up significantly this month and a couple of posts on Birdforum about the Twitter feed has produced some good results. It's not all down to that mind, I noticed that i'm getting plenty visitors from Tesside after someone kindly posted a link on the Teesmouth Bird Club Forum. Others have made links to Gulls on Film like Stithians Birding and Old Grouse, and i'm waiting for the surge from the piece in BB (many thanks AP).

With three blogs inevitably people find one and then eventually find the others too. I'm hoping that with GOF that birders all over the world will find it a useful resource site. BNE is not what business people call 'scaleable' as its focus is regional and therefore will be forever niche.

I guess it's also about expectation and motivation. I'm not expecting to make my fortune, I'd like to cover the costs and get something back for the time and effort but that will take time and be for another day. my motivation is to stay involved, too often in the past I've drifted in and out the local birding scene, working on BNE is keeping me involved and strangely getting me back out in the field, which may seem a little odd given the amount of time spent writing and updating it.

Fuck, this is a birding blog, I better mention some birds. Lets see what can we slip in, how about White-tailed Sea Eagle, with one of the (presumed) Scottish West coast birds wandering down to Cumbria today, obviously looking for the Northumberland Re-introductions for a little cross fertilisation, what better timing could this have had?
I dotted back down the coast from Alnmouth earlier, trying to pick up Little Owl at a couple of known sites without much luck. I did see one of the Amble Med Gulls and took a quick peek at the Druridge Twite flock again. Slid past Cresswell, to be honest the hide is occupied almost on a permanent basis, i'm beginning to think that maybe its not Birders but squatters. Three Whooper Swan were in fields to the North with a bunch of Canadians.
All a bit boring really if you've come here to read about exciting adventures with birds... one could almost....yawn.

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