Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Random Birds & Thoughts No1

My six year old caught up with his first Barn Owl on Sunday as we saw the female up at Hipsburn first quartering and then conveniently post hopping just 30m away. Hopefully it will register an interest.

Further birding lesson ensued when we nearly connected with a Common Buzzard crossing the A1 low at Stannington this afternoon. We were mid spelling test so Buzzard became the next word to spell.

Toon birders might want to keep an eye out in Brunswick as we saw what i'm pretty certain was one of those Viking Jackdaws on grass just opposite the east entrance to Brunswick Ind est. the collar line stood out a mile unlike any of the other dozen individuals there. Had disappeared when we came back.

Is the Bothal Green winged Teal likely to be the regular Woodhorn bird?

Killingworth Lake is a soul destroying location. Except for that one bungalow with decking, the person living there has obviously set out to create one of those North American lakeside apartments and I guess apart from the grey concrete visible in almost every direction they have achieved their dreams.


mosstrooper said...

Re killigworth, at the time of your visit, it is the best place in the county to see close views of Gosander, 2cd best place for coot, it also had displaying Goldeneye, Drake Scaup and Mandarin.

Alan Tilmouth said...

I have to disagree with a couple of points, I can have equally good views of Goosander, Coot & Goldeneye at a number of other locations where the surroundings are more aesthetically pleasing and I didn't say there wasn't any birds just that it was a bloody awful place to watch them from e.g all the grey concrete that you are surrounded by. Didn't help that my kids decided to sit in every bit of mud available as we trooped around.