Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's All White, Kumliens Coming Back.

Thought I might try and get some video footage this morning of the Hipsburn Barn Owl, didn't reckon with the weather though. Pulled into the entrance to the cricket club adjacent to the marshy area the birds(s) have been quartering when I've seen them just as the snow started.
I say birds because whilst I've only seen one there's an guy in the village who works in Environmental Survey who was in describing two owls, one whiter than the other. This figures as males are normally whiter around the facial disc than females.
Sat for about ten minutes and I was beginning to think that any sensible Owl would be tucked up inside by now as the snow was pitching around. Out the corner of my eye I spyed some movement through the snow and sure enough with a few languid beats a female Barn Owl came into viewed and dropped onto a post inconveniently behind a Hawthorn.
I did manage some video but due to a combination of my poor technique, the snow and fences/hedges it's just not worth posting.
I spent much of today posting individual sightings on Twitter. I have to say this is going well with a handful of early adopters already. The one disappointing thing that I learned today is that currently you cant receive Tweets by text in the UK. Tweets, this is a product just crying out to be used by Birders isn't it with names like that.
I get home tonight to be gripped with a Birdguides report of Kumliens Gull at Newbiggin. My money's on JGS or ADMc but I'm still waiting to find out who's responsible.


Ian Fisher said...

Both JGS and SJM were responcible!

Newton Stringer said...

I gather Stef is responsible....