Monday, 16 February 2009

Go West Young (Single) Man

Reading Mark Reeder's latest post on his fabulous birding & pie blog reminded me that I had meant to perform a public service for the single male UK birder, of which there appear to be many. Mark postulates that 'by May Spurn will be awash with scantily glad bikini toting tottie' alas this is unlikely to happen.
Birding in the UK is almost exclusively a male preserve. There are one or two female birders, but you can pretty much count them on one hand. Why?
It's probably the fault of all us blokes, especially the single ones who, often socially inept may have inadvertently repelled the early outriders of female birding.
There's no reason for birding to be exclusively male. Yes it would mean cleaning up some of the less hygienic hide habits but hey we could all do with less bogey collections on the ledges and farting in enclosed spaces is only funny once, just. It's probably got worse in the last twenty years with the introduction of all the techy stuff, cameras, digiscoping, etc. All this electronic equipment just creates another barrier as we demonstrate the depth of our knowledge about the birds whilst waving our big lens about.
However all the gentlemen out there who crave some female company in their old age, all is not lost. All you need is your visa. Go West as my title suggests to the land of the free. The US is awash with girly birders and remember they love the English accent. So go on get out from the Cresswell hide, feel the sun on your face and book those two weeks in Texas. To help with the introductions I've compiled a top five US Girly Birders.

1. Lisa, professional ornithlogist loves flycatchers, swimming in lakes and eating chocolate.
2.Kallen, just turned 40 and rediscovering nature, she's a banker, double bonus!
3.Laura, a birding teacher no less.
4.Susie, ok Susie seems to surf more than she birds but hey she lives in California!
5.Claudia, ah, not west but east Claudia is in Sweden, she seems to have a male accomplice but those Swedes are always into groups.

There you go Public Service Broadcasting!


Birdnerd said...

I am so thrilled to make it into the Top 5!! You're right....we do get all girly giddy over those accents.....
Laura (aka Birdnerd)
PS I think farting in enclosed spaces is funny ALL the time.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Not as thrilled as I am that you havent threatened litigation.
Whilst my tongye was in cheek there is a serious point that there do seem to be some cultural differences and more women seem to be serious about birding over there than over here which is a shame (for us).

NW Nature Nut said...

It's true that all my blog "followers" from England are men. Hmm... watch out Mr. Nut.

Birdnerd said...

Even here the most well-known birders are men; Roger Tory Peterson, Pete Dunne, Kenn Kaufman, David Sibley. Maybe they just have better PR firms? In my classes, which range in topic from beginning basics to birding by ear I have probably 75% women and 25% men. But then on the birders list serve for Oregon birds most of the posters are male. So the casual hobbyists are women and the authors and spokesmen are male? I don't know.....but on any given day out in the field I'm just as likely to run into another woman as I am a man. For the most fabulous of our Girly Birders you must visit Sharon of and read her blog. It's priceless.