Friday, 27 February 2009


Back to Boulmer today for some more dodgyscopingtm efforts (pics will follow tonight) only had an hour after making deliveries before staff finished for the day and I needed to be back at work. The tide was well out (excuse 1) so everything was spread out and the beach was littered with bait diggers, probably 10-12 so birds were moving about (excuse 2).
I was following a group of Sanderling about who quite happy with my static presence were coming close enough to be recognised in a picture until a couple of walkers zoomed past and put them up.
To be honest my dodgyscope attempts are a little hampered by the 'first generation' equipment I'm using. The scope a Leica APO Televid with a 20-60x zoom is fine although the 32x wide angle would probably be better, Leica have stopped making it and I keep getting outbid on Ebay as i'm too tight to pay over the odds. The camera and attachment are where the problems lie. A Leica Digilux 1 is beautiful to look at with it's retro styling but try attaching it with Leica's rudimentary ring attachment and it's all a little unstable and top heavy. This results in lots of vignetting and instability when attempting to focus. Combine it with the lack of remote release and inevitably by the time I have found the subject of my next photo and shot it's generally undergone a full moult and is about 1000miles further North.
Once my business is sold I intend to invest a small slice of the money in a decent camera say a Canon 40D with a reasonable lens and hopefully start getting some images to be pleased with. Living in an area with such rich and diverse natural surroundings its frustrating not to be able to reflect that accurately in pictures here, yet.
If there's any photographers out there please feel free to offer your wisdom on my potential choice of kit, just click on the 'comments' button, it's really easy.
Oh, nearly forgot I added Purple Sandpiper to the year list today with a few excitable birds charging around mixed in with Sanderling, Turnstone & Dunlin opposite the Lifeboat House. Waders on the tide line kind of remind me of children in the playground rushing from one place to the next, constantly and energetically on the move, almost falling over each other to find the tastiest morsel amongst the tidal debris.
Enough rambling the weekend beckons...

As promised dodgyscoped images from today, any comment on the gull?


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan the Canon 40D is a superb bit of kit. I use the Canon 100-400ISM Zoom but I'm hearing great things about the Sigma 150-500 ISM Zoom. I wish I'd have had a bit more choice as the extra reach of the Sigma zoom would be useful. Converters seem to be not such a good idea.

Love the blog by the way.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Thanks for that John, more bedtime browsing on the Sigma then. By the way I was there in 78, in fact I was even on the pitch in the first round against Chesterfield as part of a small but determined attempt to get at the Chesterfield supporters, although what the hell we would have done had we got there at the age of thirteen is beyond me.