Saturday, 14 February 2009

Birdguides Guiding or Following?

Shuffled over to Birdguides this afternoon after reading about their enhanced comments on webzine articles and lo and behold what do I find a Poll. Comments, Polls, anyone would think that they were looking over their shoulders at all this blogging and adapting their business to ensure they stay competitive.
That's exactly what they should be doing of course. They are the number one destination on the web for birders and there's only one place to go after your number one, yep back down to number two.
I for one don't expect to see that happening any time soon as they are displaying excellent responses to changes in the on line market with the Birdguides blog and as I've said above comments on webzine articles and now polls. Will be interesting to see how they respond to Twitter once they cotton on to it.


Fiona Barclay said... :-)

Alan T said...

Yes I know, but I was referring to the use of Twitter as a method of redistributing sightings, given that that's what drives your traffic volumes.

Blyth Birder said...

I'd put RBA above Birdguides.