Saturday, 21 February 2009

Another Non Birding Day

I stepped out the door Friday morning to the stunning revelation that the Pegswood Song Thrush population had doubled overnight, to two singing males. Funny it often seems to happen when a 'block' is removed, you know birds suddenly come along in numbers suddenly after what seems forever waiting. I've been tripping over Song Thrush all day with the regular singing bird that I have on my 'Birds Heard Whilst Having a Dump' list singing again and another atop pines at Little Mill. It'll be Meadow Pipit next as they seem to be hiding from me completely at the moment. I'll get one before the end of Feb and they'll call off the attempt to stay silent and suddenly there will be Mipits calling everywhere, ten a penny.
I had a senior moment night, rushing to come home I left my laptop at work which resulted in an extra hour in the car as I went back for it, I could have waited till tomorrow but I had no intention of letting it go astray. I took my son with me for company and decided to take the West Chevington road on the way home to look for Long Eared Owl.
Not a sniff of LEO but we did have two post hopping Barn Owl within 300m of each other, presumably a pair.
The only other notable bird of the day was a Common Buzzard on the way to Craster about 1m east of Lee Moor Farm. I spent twenty minutes between Alnwick & Denwick checking around some of the big beeches for Hawinch but again drew a blank.
However my 'Birder' list added a big tick tonight when I found Boulmer Birder and Bunty not far from their regular patch. This particular birder was very confiding and good conversation resulted in me being late for tea.
Nearly forgot to mention the Grey Heron atop the tall pines opposite the old workshops at Ashington this morning. Are they breeding there?


Birding about Northumberland said...

I am really new to bird watching and ony recently started to identify common birds like Song Thrush. I am very lucky as where I live in Ashington we have a few in the garden especially when there is apple on the bird table.
(M Brewis)

admc said...

Nice to see your out and about again. The answer to your ? is yes.They have been there for a few years now.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Keep feeding that fruit, its great for bringing in thrushes, thanks for your comment.

ADMC, thanks for letting me know, how many pairs? How was india?

Thing said...

I've seen a Green Woodpecker from the throne. Quite pleased with that one.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Does the Queen know?