Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Siskin & Diarrhoea

The mid winter gloom hit hard this week, three of the five in our house went down with various combinations of vomiting and diarrhoea. As a result Monday & Tuesday were spent in the house taking care of family and occasionally glancing into the garden whilst they slept.
There's the rub though, all may have been gloom indoors but Birding is one of those hobbies that can be scaled down or up to meet your circumstances on different occasions. Top of the two day list were three Siskin one male and two female that were using a neighbour's feeders but repeatedly passed through my apple tree on the way.

image courtesy Sergey Yeliseev

Two Woodpigeon were unusual visitors as we are more used to Collared Dove, these two fed on the lawn for a few minutes on Monday. Up to twelve Blackbirds feeding on Pears have been regular all winter but a female with one white covert feather was a new visitor. The usual array of Blue, Great & Coal Tit came and went over the two days. Four House Sparrows this morning just over the fence were more unusual.

Today I managed to nip out to Botahl & QE2 for an hour midday. Whilst the pond at Bothal was quiet there was a small Thrush flock in the west field with Fieldfares, Redwings and four Mistle Thrush.

About 500-600 gulls greeted me at QE2, parking and viewing from the south side in strong sunlight was a good choice although finding a section of footpath more than three feet from a dog turd was more difficult. The gulls were predominantly Herring with a few smaller gulls and the odd G B B gull. Scoped through them twice but couldn't find anything unusual. A Sparrowhawk lay in wait in the hedge at the end of the garden when I arrived home. image courtesy Sergey Yeliseev


Blyth Birder said...

Nice Sprawk there.

I could do with a Siskin in our garden - masses of House Sparrows and not much else at the minute.

abbey meadows said...

In recent weeks I have seen three sparrowhawks in the garden. I occasionally get an adult male, an immature male and a female. Incidetally on my way back from Ashington I drove past Bothal and the Stonechat was in scrub on the left just before the junction where the kennels are. (Behind the stone wall)