Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Rock and A Workplace.

You all know my routine for a Saturday, off early to Craster to fill the car with the aroma of smoked kippers for another week. I took the coast road up today for all the good it did me, Rooks nests were about the only observation on the way up.
I remembered that there are normally one or two Rock Pipit hanging around the small harbour at Craster, so after loading the kippers with no time to spare I parked illegally and started scanning the big rocks on the south side and the tide line. Not a peep, a single Turnstone fiddled with the piled seaweed, and I thought , here we go another bird that I can add to my 'Not Found in January List'.
Just as I turned back to the car, already on the verge of being late, a Pipit called from the north side of the harbour as if to say "I'm over here idiot". Sat on the ledge, sure enough a single Rock Pipit.
It wouldn't be Saturday without a Common Buzzard so today's birds were two displaying just west of Lesbury, one in a field near Howick and another tucked into the shelter belt on the outskirts of Longhoughton.

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