Thursday, 1 January 2009

Northumberland Homo Sapiens 2009

1.Sexton Stewart. - One sighting on territory.
2. Foggo Nigel - Two sightings, first at Longhirst Flash then Morpeth Collingwood Terrace, both with dog.
3.Mclevy Andy - two sightings, unexpectedly arrived in M&S and noted early March at the Gibbet.
4.Gilbertson Alan, associating with A Mclevy at the Gibbet, went off after Peregrine.
5.Anderson Marty, looking a little grey but returned to Bothal Pond in Spring.
6. Barclay Fiona, female, nervous constantly twittering.
7. Whitby Max, small round lacking head feathers, probing habit.
8. Dunford Dave, melanistic, occasional tweets
9. Hirst Andy large umistakeable, inland dweller avoiding coastal habitat.
10. Cromie John, grey moustachial stripes, endemic to Ireland.
11. Morrison Pete frequently found in North Sea, drift migrant in Northern Scotland.
12 Blake Trevor chunky Northern birder, regular on NTBC trips.
13. Thompson Alan, old male, often in company of Black Lab, frequently found around coastal habitat particularly East Chevington. Large Zeiss bins distinctive.
14. Birder (sp) (Dave ?) distinctive greyish white bearded appearance, Scottish accent so may be part of some form of re-introduction programme for Scots in Northumberland. Resident in Felton (?)
15. Steele JG this Scottish endemic wandered South many years back and can be regularly found in the Newbiggin area. With BBRC pedigree this is one birder worth listening to.
16. Holliday Steve uncertain tax-onomy, more frequent in SE Northumberland.
17. Bullough Brian regular in Northumberland, can be found in most areas.
18. Robson Iain unmistakeable in black and white stripes, can be raucous at times after one too many fermented berries.
19. Mcelwee Stef eye rings and round facial appearance make this birder unmistakeable, often mixes in loose flock with JG Steele.
20. Cadwallender Tom, bearded birder regular on surveys and Atlas work.
21. Cadwallender Muriel, female, small often has a bespectacled appearance, again turns up on surveys quite regularly.
22. Hodgson Mike, occasional vagrant more commonly found in Lesbos, Greece.
23. Knox Chris, tends to frequent coastal areas.
24. Kitching Martin, unmistakeable conbination of deep chest and grey sub moustachial area.
25. Barrat Sarah, female, Dunnock-like quiet habits, gingery wash around crown.
26. Mckeown Dee, large adult, greyish nape, poor eyesight relies on it's hearing to locate ticks.
27. Haslam Joe, occasional at coastal waters such as Cresswell Pond.
28. Sheppard Stephen, tall, rakish long legged appearance, faint moustachial markings.
29. Scimgour Cain young, grey hood and eye rings distinctive, one to watch.
30 Allott Phil another frequently found in SE Northumberland, black tousled crest gives a dragged through hedge look.
31. Fisher Ian chunky little bugger these days, often silent in the field, can show a fierce expression at times, look out for the silvery eyelids when perched.
32. Tams Tom spread out from urban areas into the surrounding countryside, often accompanies other species on passage, large robust looking specimen.
33. Jack Alan dark crown, eye rings, mostly plain black plumage, smallish head and thin looking.
34. Giloney Alan rotund apperance with dark stripes to sides of face, lacks crown feathers, perhaps the result of genetic adaption related to carnivourous food habits.
35. Stewart Paul small, often seen in pair with female walking in coastal habitats.
36. Cleeves Tim strange species with distinctive vocal twang, spends much of its time asleep.
37. Forster Roger hollow eyed look and moustachial stripes with ruffled feathers beneath chin combined with tall crane like gait make for a very distinctive appearance to this individual.
38. Bowman Graham used to be confined to a single site at Seaton Burn but quite frequently found elsewhere in recent years, closely related to Bowman Tony although tends to be smaller with a less prominent beak.
39. Robson Les small round headed pale individual with 'hooked nose' appearance, slurred vocal performance.
40. Newsome Mark Co Durham endemic, long legged with distinctive square headed appearance, often darts.
41. Ahmed Ross warm brown tones and greyish ear coverts with grinning habit make for a distinctive appearance. Regularly appears at migration hotspots.
42. Mowbray Mark dark crown with pale sides, stocky character
43. Reeder Keith deep chested, often with ruffled skin like appendages around tarsus, crouches frequently.

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