Saturday, 17 January 2009

More Saturday Morning Buzz

Another trip to Craster and more Common Buzzard although unusually not one of the three I saw this morning was carrying a Grey Phalarope in it's talons.
Two in a field 1m east of Little Mill and one in exactly the same location north of Longhoughton as last Saturday morning.
The media attention on the pictures of CB taking that Grey Phal is a mixed bag as you would expect. Having done a bit of a tour I found little to complain about, most of the media seem to have stuck to the facts and have not been too over the top with the headlines. The Overblown Headline Award goes to Times Online with "Horrified Twitchers watch as Starving Buzzard Kills Rare Phalarope"
The birdwatchers in question were so horrified that not even wads of cash as their images have been sold to the UK media was compensation.

As expected the Anti Raptor Lobby have used it as an opportunity to leap to the defence of the favoured victims of the shooting fraternity farmland birds. A typical example from comments in The Scotsman
"More propaganda and lies from the RSPB.Buzzards do nothing but kill other birds and in fact have killed almost all the common partridge in Aberdeenshire.Buzzards also systematically destroy the nests of ground nesting birds such as lapwings and golden plovers.The population explosion of buzzards is unfortunately upsetting the balance of nature (in this area at least) and it is high time that a serious cull of that predator was instigated."

Yes, clearly someone who understands prey/predator relationships.

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abbey meadows said...

I read recently in a local scottish newspaper that a farmer from the Stirling area has blamed Red Kites for causing the extinction of House martins around his farm. He has witnessed them flying up to the eaves of his farm house and pulling the nests to pieces and snatching the birds in mid air. 'It is time these killers were thinned out' he commented.