Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lunch & A Chat

I took my twins to lunch today with an old friend. It turned out to be a day for old friends as whilst I was shopping for lunch I was tracked into M&S by a wily old birder ADMC, who having spotted me, used a bit of fieldcraft to get close by the cooked meats. He's off to India with a bunch of other local lads in the next few days so I'll look forward to some exciting trip reports when they all get back.

I needed the twins to kip before lunch so I ended up driving around a bit to get them to have a nap. I eventually stopped at Old Hartley overlooking the bay and as I was scanning the sea, window down up popped this female Stonechat to investigate the noise coming from the car radio. Her partner was a little further down the fenceline.

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