Thursday, 8 January 2009


My technology issues of a few months back have finally come around to bite my arse. Having had a multitude of problems I eventually replaced my hard drive after taking selected back ups where that was possible.
I have used Bird Recorder 32 a simple database program I acquired back in the early 1990's to maintain all my bird records, transferring everything over at least twice as a result of previous back up issues.
I think most if not all of my notebooks and written records have gone as a result of our quest for space over the last six years (three children).
I believed I had a backup on the stand alone hard drive, there is always a but isn't there, but it appears to be the program without the data.
Twenty years of records lost, life list, patch lists, times, dates, weather, numbers.

Gutted doesn't even scrape the surface.


Stewart said...

That is a disaster Alan. I can't imagine the loss of 20 years worth of work like that. I would NEVER trust my notes only to electrickery. The written word is better at standing the test of time...Time to turn around and start again...

st said...

Have you tried one of the recovery packages, on the hard drive in question. They can recover deleted material, so there is every chance your stuff won't be lost.

Rare Visitor said...

Would it be that it was that simple ST. As I thought I had a backup the original hard drive replaced under warranty went back to Dell for recycling :(