Friday, 23 January 2009

I Vorry Gull

Sat earlier today jealously reading the news of a second Ivory Gull on the US East coast. 'Most likely cause being a reduction in food supply' I thought.

'Maybe we might get one over here' the thought process continued before it wandered off into the realms of fantasy about the wind directional changes required to get one this far up (or down) the North Sea and how far the smell from a seal carcass can travel etc.

Later roaming around the birdosphere suddenly not one but two of the tinkly whites, one on the Western Isles and another on the French Coast. Now this bird on the French Coast is interesting because my theory is it's going to head North at some point which at least offers a glimmer of a possiblity that it could scrape the East Coast so if anyone knows of a local seal carcass supplier.....

Oh no, now I can fret that the Professor and his young assistant are going to grip everyone with a flyby at Newbiggin (again), or worse the mackems will glimpse it at Whitburn before it disappears into the mists.This means, yep here's the punchline folks, it's become an I Vorry Gull.
The blog author would like to apologise for this blatant use of other people's birds, images and reputations to cover up the fact that apart from a Barn Owl hunting at 8.45am 1m south of Ulgham he has seen no birds worthy of a post today.
image courtesy Tim

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