Friday, 16 January 2009

From the Car

Friday and I'm driving about in daylight again. Two Waxwing looking longingly East in a treetop at the side of the A1 just past the Hebron turn were unexpected but this seems to have been a good year for them judging by reports elsewhere.
A quick scan on the flooded field adjacent to the road into Alnmouth about 9.30 produced a rich variety of common birds although nothing exceptional. The waders and duck were quite vocal in the morning sun so the sounds of Teal and Wigeon mingled with the bubbling calls of Common Curlew and the occasional alarm of the Redshank. A Dunlin flew up from a damp hollow and three Grey Heron lined the estuary along with two Shelduck.
With some deliveries to do in Foxton and Lesbury I managed to get a few minutes to look over the upper part of the estuary at "Foxton Bends" this added a couple of pairs of Common Goldeneye, one pair of Goosander, two Little Grebe and a Great Spotted Woodpecker to my day list. The latter was harrassed by a Kestrel and let out a hoarse alarm call that crackled drawing my attention to it, not a call I have heard from GSW in twenty years birding on and off.

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abbey meadows said...

I could do with Waxy's for the local patch list.