Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Fieldfare Startled by Albatross (sp)

It's mid morning and i'm doing the dishes watching a garden year tick in the form of a single Fieldfare which has probably moved toward the coast due to the low temperatures and a dusting of white stuff up in the Northumbrian hills. Suddenly out of nowhere it gets startled by an "Albatross", watch the video and see for yourself.

I promise you there was no editing here, no jiggery pokery. Everything above is true, the "Albabtross" came courtesy of my 15 month old son switching on the hifi after fiddling with the volume control. Despite the Fieldfare being two frames of triple glazed glass and about 5m from the hifi it obviously heard the racket as can be seen by it's reaction.

Within three or four minutes a Long Tailed Tit and a Reed Bunting had both appeared in the garden as well completing a hat trick of garden ticks for the morning.

Two Med Gull on the beach at Newbiggin and a fine male Sparrowhawk on a hedge not far from Bothal Pond were the highlights of an early afternoon attempt to keep my kids asleep in the car for a little longer.

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Stewart said...

Its a good sound track to the Fieldfare that Alan...