Saturday, 17 January 2009

Curious Expeditions

As a birder who spends much of his time trapped indoors I often wander the world via the web checking out the plethora of bird pictures and information that is freely available these days. It still amazes me that so much has changed in twenty years as very little of this was available or accessible when I first started birding. One of the more curious sets of images I found recently came from the flickr photostream of the aptly named Curious Expeditions.

As can be seen they are not your typical bird images, yet they possess a strange quality that seems to draw my attention. After getting past that unearthly feeling these images have like any birder I immediately wanted to identify them, not an easy task although I'm sure it could be done by most given time.

The images were all taken at the Natural History Museum in Berne Switzerland and form part of some interesting photo collections that these Hungarian photographers have produced. Their website, whilst offering a greater diversity of material than natural history is also interesting for those with curious minds.

images copyright and courtsey of Curious Expeditions.

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