Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Buttons & Brambling

A spare hour yesterday afternoon and a drizzly day, so I nipped off to see if I could see some cows, sheep and horsies. Or at least that's what I told the twins ,otherwise I would have to put up with whinge, moan, scream etc etc. A quick stop for provisions, Cadbury's Buttons, keep the kids bribed and also occasionally useful as a biodegradable alternative to lob into a bush to move that sticky passerine along, old fashioned fieldcraft.

Sure enough eventually, close to Netherwitton a couple of finch flocks, the first one was a little distant up a farm drive even with the scope and with the kids on board I could do without the local estate workers confusing me with a pheasant poacher, so I moved on.

Over the river Font and on the other side there's thirty odd Fieldfare patrolling in the field. A Great Spotted Woodpecker moved from telegraph to Hawthorn before flying off strongly East. Up ahead as the road goes up another finch flock, so I get parked up nearby, double dose of Buttons for the kids and wind the window down. Over a hundred Chaffinch in this one and near the top and back of the oak, a couple of these.

images courtesy Sergey Yeliseev

A half mile later and a Common Buzzard lifted from its roadside perch and gave good views as it glided down a slope to a safer distance. Needing to be back for school chucking out time I had just enough time to slide up the road toward Newton Underwood to look for Tree Sparrow. There weren't any of course but it wasn't an entire waste of time as I still needed Yellowhammer for a year tick.

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