Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An absence of Owls

The week has started dull, yesterday was almost bird free, the highlight being ten Blue Tit mobbing one of the local cats as it took a short cut through the garden. I think that ten is new garden maximum count, had it been Sunday I could have swelled the numbers of the RSPB Big Garden Watch or whatever it is. I shall await the published results eagerly to see whether my ten points for Blue Tit would have effected the result.
Last night we had an extra six year old for tea who needed to be returned under cover of darkness to the far side of Morpeth. Eager to boost the still meagre 2009 year list, I decided to come back 'the long way round' by driving to within spitting distance of Mitford and then taking the sharp right up to Fairmoor and from there a short trek up the A1 to the Hebron/Longhirst turn.
"Lets look for owls" I'd said to Stumpy my own six year old.
So we drove with full beam lighting up every hedge and overhanging branch, we stopped twice and I tried in vain to whistle up a Tawny till my mouth was dry. We shone our headlights into empty barns and over gateposts for a Barn or Little but by the time we arrived home Stumpy had decided that owls only exist in pictures and stuffed on the top of coat stands (roadkill).
Today has been only slightly better with five Goldfinch and now six Siskin lurking around the big willow and the apple tree. My single albino feathered female Blackbird is still around as well so I may be forced to write a note on Single Feather Albinism in Blackbirds if things get much worse.
That's it then as I'm off to do some work on some maps for Bird North East as I am planning to do monthly county maps summarising what was where each month.

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